The best DIY Shows in Denver in November

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This three piece from Chicago calls itself "indie/emo" and that's fair enough. But the sound here is more earnest and sincere than a lot of the music embracing those terms have been of late. Think more Midwest 90s emo like Braid and Mineral, with some of the looseness of Guided By Voices and the gritty, shimmer jangle of Jawbox. Its latest record is the perhaps ironically titled I Don't Even Care Anymore. Its lead single "Get Weird" has spareness of songwriting and a willingness to display enough vulnerability to connect with anyone that has felt uncomfortable in his or her own skin and alienated by those things we're told we're supposed to think and feel. Anthemic and tender, Dowsing reconciles seemingly disparate impulses.

SAT | ENDLESS BUMMER at 7TH CIRCLE MUSIC COLLECTIVE | 11/9/13 Baltimore's Endless Bummer threads together buoyant pop punk melodies and rhythms with the wicked, biting darkness and aggression of black metal and grindcore -- picture the Descendents and early NOFX alongside Venom. Endless Bummer's sound belies its name as this is an animated live band that seems to play with an sense of joy and exuberance, rather than a downcast vibe. Although these guys call themselves a political punk band, their debut album, Bummed Out, which was released in 2012, has enough irreverent humor to be worthy of the outfit's moniker and proving that some of the best social critique is done with a chuckle.

FRI | LAURA LEIGHE at 7TH CIRCLE MUSIC COLLECTIVE | 11/15/13 It's a rarity to see unabashed pop music at a DIY venue, but Laura Leighe, while grounded in the sort of larger-than-life, glittery pop songwriting of artists like Katy Perry, Adele and Amy Winehouse, has largely been touring that circuit, as well as venues like the Viper Room and the Whiskey A-Go-Go. What sets Leighe and her collaborator Zach Dumbleton apart, though, is that it's not just junior league pop aspiring to stardom -- the songs are already there, and Leighe is wisely courting a crowd and playing in venues that are essentially outside the reach of established Top 40 pop artists -- and potentially truly weirding out the regulars.

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Tom Murphy is a writer, visual artist and musician from Aurora, Colorado. He was a prolific music writer for Westword and a documenter of the Denver music scene.