The best EDM in Denver in January

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SAT | THE CRYSTAL METHOD at BETA NIGHTCLUB | 1/18/14 For the past two decades, Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan have been producing top-notch dance music for both club settings and the radio airwaves. In 2011, the two were featured in the Grammy documentary Re:Generation, in which they created an R&B track alongside Martha Reeves and the Funk Brothers. These days, the act continues to move the masses with the kind of finesse that only comes with years of experience.

SAT | CEDRIC GERVAIS at BETA | 1/11/14 Cedric Gervais crafts a brand of house that weaves threads of electro and progressive house into a big, shimmery, club-smashing tapestry of late-night abandon. On hits such as "Spirit in My Life," Gervais displays a talent for slick, vocal-driven progressive house that would make fellow Frenchman David Guetta jealous. Then he can turn around and produce a bouncy, blippy, silly sample-driven track such as his remix of George Morel's "Let's Take Drugs," which is almost a throwback to the halcyon days of PLUR rave culture. That he can find success and maintain a DJ-culture buzz on both tracks is a testament to his talent as well as his star power. -- Casciato

TUES | BADKLAAT at CERVANTES' MASTERPIECE BALLROOM | 1/7/14 Sub.Mission is celebrating seven years of bringing dubstep to Denver, and hosting Badklaat at Cervantes' proves that the crew still means business. Badklaat offers a taste of what real dubstep is with some dark, grimy and all-around gut-wrenching bass music. Look no further if you want to see where true dubstep came from and where it's going.

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