The best EDM in Denver this weekend

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FRI | PROTOHYPE at BETA NIGHTCLUB | 12/20/13 With a gaggle of features on cuts from some of the biggest names in dubstep and trap, Protohype knows how to send a club into a frenzy of slow churning swag. It's hard to play a set of just trap and expect a club like Beta to take it all in, which is why Protohype offers up a platter of drum and bass, trap and dubstep. Keep an ear out for the Paper Diamond/Protohype banger "Paperhype."

SAT | DJ DAN at BETA | 12/21/13 If you need to get a party started, you could do a lot worse than DJ Dan. Since the early years of the L.A. rave scene, more than two decades ago, Dan has been a force behind the decks and in the studio. He's remixed everyone from crossover acts like Depeche Mode to dance-music royalty such as Carl Cox while producing hits of his own, including "Needle Damage." His DJ sets start on a foundation of funky, ass-shaking house, but he's not afraid to spice things up with some breakbeats, a splash of techno or a monster electro banger. His sound is upbeat, fun and accessible, just right for letting go and forgetting your troubles on a sweaty, packed dance floor. Over his career, Dan has picked up a slew of awards that include a top-ten nod in the house DJ category from BPM magazine and breaking the top 25 of DJ magazine's top DJs in the world.

SAT | OTT & ALL SEEING at CERVANTES | 12/21/13 Arise Music Festival and Sonic Bloom present yet another packed line-up of Denver's best dance acts, as well as OTT (who could easily pack out the place on his own). With Project Aspect (fresh off tour with Up Until Now and a few stops with STS9,) Octopus Nebula, Future Simple Project and a handful of choice picks from Denver's exploding EDM scene, this collaborative effort from two of Colorado's most innovative festival producers will not disappoint.

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