The best EDM in Denver this weekend

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FRI | KILL THE NOISE at BETA | 1/17/14 Finding success in signing with Skrillex's OWSLA record label, Kill the Noise has grown into one of the heaviest producers currently touring. Jake Stanczak, the brains behind the operation, has been developing Kill the Noise's sound for years. His powerhouse club bangers melt with melodic pianos and tease the fringes of metal anthems. This burgeoning genre -- this lovely-meets-heavy blend -- blasts from the speakers, leaving you in a state of seizing bliss. Catch Stanczak at Beta, with Fury and MC Dozha. In the Beatport Lounge, Josh Manke and Sergei Loginov host underground techno love. (9 p.m., 18+, $20) -- Britt Chester

SAT | THE CRYSTAL METHOD at BETA | 1/18/14 For the past two decades, Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan have been producing top-notch dance music for both club settings and the radio airwaves. In 2011, the two were featured in the Grammy documentary Re:Generation, in which they created an R&B track alongside Martha Reeves and the Funk Brothers. These days, the act continues to move the masses with the kind of finesse that only comes with years of experience. (9 p.m., 18+, $25) -- Chester

SAT | ROBOTIC PIRATE MONKEY at FOX THEATRE | 1/18/14 Robotic Pirate Monkey started as a trio in Boulder and has since built up a national presence as touring duo giving a fresh new face to dance music. Working through the kinks of no longer living in the same town, Andrew Hathaway and Matt Berryhill are preparing for the release of their next effort, the Booty Snatch EP, due out this summer, and is hitting the road with Terravita, including this date at the Fox. (8:30 p.m., all ages, $14-$18) -- Chester

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