The Broncos' taste in music sucks

This weekend I went and watched the Broncos beat up on the perpetually bottom-of-the-barrel Browns in my annual debt-inducing, professional-sports pilgrimage. The game was fun, but I couldn't help but notice that the music was ... well, my parents would consider most of it oldies, and they aren't exactly hip to the new sounds, if you know what I mean. The coach was new, the quarterback was new, the music... I mean, "Crazy Train"? That song came out in freaking 1980. It's almost thirty years old! And Gary Glitter's "Rock and Roll pt. 2" became a sports cliche long before I was old enough to legally drink beer, which was long ago -- not to mention, the guy is a convicted child molester and I can't help but feel a little creeped out every time it plays. God knows what he's spending those royalty checks on...

Anyway, point is I think it's long past due to freshen up that musical selection. I can't speak for other stadiums around the nation, but I go to one Broncos game a year, more if I can afford it, and I am sick of the same old tunes. It's time to harness the mighty, unstoppable power of the Internet to convince them to change. And the first step is coming up with some new selections. So, what do you want to hear? Would Mastodon's "Blood and Thunder" pump you up better than "Crazy Train"? Would something from MSTRKRFT go down easier than the five billionth repetition of "Rock and Roll pt. 2" when we score? Shouldn't hip-hop play a larger role, considering the tastes of most of the game's playmakers? Maybe we should try to focus on local bands for our local team? And is there any place for Wesley Willis in pro football? The comments section awaits your input...

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