The Complete Elvis Presley Masters offers truth in advertising -- and then some

Alright, now this is a frightening proposition, just utterly frightening -- and mind you, this is coming from a guy who files taxes each year with somebody who actually has Elvis's visage tattooed on her person. I, perhaps more than most people, have a firm grasp on maniacal, inexplicable fanaticism, especially when it comes to Elvis -- and even I'm completely dumbfounded by this absolutely staggering offering. Just dumbfounded.

In commemoration of what would've been the King's 75th Birthday this year and just in time to earmark the 33rd years since his passing, the Legacy Division of RCA, is making all of Elvis's master recordings available. And by all, we do mean all of his recordings. We're pretty sure this is what they meant when the world anthology was first coined.

In addition to a 240-page book, the package contains all 711 recordings, plus 103 rarities (outtakes, alternate takes, demos, rehearsals and more) on 30 discs! Thankfully, they've done the math for me here -- that's over 35 hours worth of music! Uh-huh, 35! No offense, but it's hard to imagine that even Elvis's mom loved him that much!

Each set is individually numbered and limited to 1,000 copies worldwide. So how much is this bad boy going to set you back? Well, this set can be yours for a mere $740, plus shipping and handling, of course. Scary part: Even though pre-sales begin today for the set, which won't even be released until October 19, these 1,000 copies, we venture, will likely be long gone by the time the anniversary of Elvis's passing roles around on August 16.

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