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The Disco Biscuits at 1STBANK Center, 1/25/14

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As the Biscuits played the familiar notes of Pink Floyd's "Run Like Hell," the band exploded playing a pretty standard version that didn't stray too far from the original, which people seemed to eat up. Another "Disco Inferno" bass line tease followed, and the guys finished off "Above the Waves" from the beginning of the set. After a whirlwind of compositions and peaks, the group added on the extra "House Dog" to the end of the set list, pushing the audience to use every bit of the energy they had left after a long, fun weekend.

One local dispensary created branded "Nughuffer" joints just for Bisco Inferno, so it was no surprise that they encored the run with the song of the same name. You really know you've made it when people are making special joints with your name and logo on them. The Biscuits ended the night with the ending of "Helix," and fans were elated and pleased with the run. The Disco Biscuits know how to party, and the band provided a perfect soundtrack for it.


The Disco Biscuits 1STBANK Center - 1/25/14 Broomfield, CO

Set 1

Jam Gangster1 Mindless Dribble Spacebird2 Pilin it High(er)3 Little Betty Boop

Set 2

Above the Waves4 Spraypaint Confrontation5 Cyclone Pink Floyd Run Like Hell Above the Waves6 House Dog


Nughuffer>Helix6 Basis Ending fakeout Inverted Perfume Version Unfinished Inverted Ending


Personal Bias: I always love shows at 1st Bank for the sheer convenience and access to bathrooms. Random Detail: The lasers bouncing off the disco balls were a fantastic touch. By the Way: Aloft Hotel next door was raging after, no surprise.

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Leslie Simon