The five best concerts in Denver this weekend

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5. TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION @ GRIZZLY ROCK | SAT, 1/12/13 The Texas Hippie Coalition, which was just in town with Clutch and delivered a compelling mix of traditional Texas blues and hardcore fervor straight off a Pantera record, returns to Denver for a headlining gig of its own at the Grizzly Rock. At the Fillmore, frontman Big Dad Rich cut an interesting image on stage. Describing himself as a "300-pound, Sasquatch-looking motherfucker," Rich sang of whiskey and weed and talked about moving to Colorado to take part in the budding legal marijuana industry. Ah, yes, Texas Hippie Coalition. THC. Clever.

4. CARBON CHOIR (FAREWELL SHOW) @ WALNUT ROOM | SAT, 1/12/13 Since its inception, Carbon Choir has explored many styles of music -- all very different from the teenage punk rock of Petrol Apathy, an outfit in which some of the members used to play. Frontman Joel Van Horne left that band in 1999 because he felt like he wanted more from music than just three chords and attitude. Teaming up with two of his ex-bandmates, drummer Scott Weidner and bassist Ryan Fetcher, and the only keyboardist to answer an ad posted at CU-Boulder, Chris Hatton, Van Horne formed Carbon Choir in 2007. By the time of 2009's High Beams, the band had discovered an emotionally stirring amalgam of power pop, jazz and a melancholy yet triumphant spirit. For last year's Sakhalin, the four continued to hone their sound without losing their talent for building expansive moods or their penchant for impassioned live shows. Tomorrow night at the Walnut Room, Carbon Choir is playing a show being billed as a farewell gig -- although according to the band's Facebook, the outfit isn't officially breaking up, necessarily, but rather going on "indefinite hiatus."

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