The five best concerts this week: Nov 12-16

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5. THE LAST WALTZ REVISTED @ BOULDER THEATER | FRI, 11/16/12 Since its first performance at Cervantes' in 2005, this annual show has become something of a Thanksgiving week tradition, and without fail it usually turns out to be among the most enjoyable outings of the year. Seven years ago, the members of Polytoxic tapped a bunch of their friends and deftly set about recreating The Last Waltz -- the Band's 1976 swan song, which took place on Thanksgiving day that same year at the Winterland Ballroom and was immortalized by Martin Scorsese -- in its entirety. The three-hour show is magical whether you're a fan of the Band or just want to see some of the finest local players losing themselves in the music and having the time of their lives. (A performance of the Last Waltz Revisited is also slated for Wednesday, November 21 at the Ogden Theatre.)

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