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The five best outdoor venues in Colorado to see music that aren't Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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3. State Bridge Lodge 127 Trough Road, Bond

Legend has it the property that State Bridge resides on has passed from the Ute Indians to miners and to gamblers -- but over the last two years, music lovers and outdoor enthusiasts have taken the torch. State Bridge has emerged as the live-music underdog of the Colorado high country. After the original State Bridge Lodge burned down in 2007, new ownership renovated the old-school yurts and cabins and constructed a brand-new amphitheater, and they've been booking a multitude of performances and festivals ever since. State Bridge doesn't just stand out as a great place to see music; it stands out for its offerings beyond music, including on and off-site camping, fishing, and river rafting on the Colorado River. Take a leisurely float down the river with a beer in hand, and check out diverse acts that range from Greensky Bluegrass to BoomBox.

2. Mishawaka Ampitheatre 13714 Poudre Canyon, Bellvue

When the High Park Fire swept through Northern Colorado, Mishawaka was forced to close its doors, culminating in the cancellation of several of its June and July dates. Last week, the venue reopened, remarkably untouched from the ravages of the fire. Now, after decades of performances, "The Mish" continues to be one of the best places to see music outside. Hang out by the Poudre River or pull up a lawn chair to experience this Colorado cult classic at its best.

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