The former Broomfield Events Center to be renamed. Again.

More breaking news from the AEG Live camp. The Denver Post is reporting that Odeum Colorado, the venue formerly known as the Broomfield Event Center, will be renamed again this March, just in time for the venue's grand opening.

Those who bristle at the mere notion of corporate branding will be no less thrilled at news that Odeum Colorado will soon be known as 1st Bank Center. Like it or not, however, having a corporate underwriter is both a reality and a necessity in the modern concert era, it seems. In this case, since the Broomfield venue is still undergoing renovations, it's unlikely anyone will be confused by the new moniker, as the Odeum handle hasn't really had much of a chance to gain any traction. What's more, the new name is less chuckle inducing than the recent rebranding of a certain Greenwood Village amphitheatre.


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