The Fray and the furious

Must suck to be a rock star, eh? Getting paid to do something you'd do for free anyway, not to mention all the food, all the fans, all the chicks (unless, ahem, you're married, of course) and all the other random perks -- you know, like joy riding in race cars and shit -- life just must be absolutely miserable. Seriously. It's a wonder dudes can get up in the morning, much less keep their heads-up half the time. Or, well, there's the other school of thought, that it's just fucking awesome and redamndiculous at the same time. You make the call. As you'll see from the video above of the Fray's Isaac Slade and Jack Mannequin's Andrew McMahon -- just posted by our pal Rod Blackhurst, who just unearthed this lost footage that he shot during the two band's joint tour this past summer -- evidence seems to suggest that life in that tax bracket leans decidedly in the latter direction -- but only in the turns.

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