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The Fray Meet the X-Men

Sure, the members of the Fray just completed a triumphant three-night run at Red Rocks, solidifying their local-hero status. But their steady march to cultural hegemony has been formalized by their appearance in the realm of some real heroes: the X-Men.

X-Factor issue 22, to be released on August 8, is built around Molly and Wally, who are described in an online preview as "two charming children who go around the country singing cheerful songs that incite people to violence against mutants." Siryn and Monet are sent to deal with the pair, and on this page, they attend a Molly and Wally concert. They're not impressed by the tuneage.

"Well, what do you think?" Siryn asks, her eyebrow arched in disdain.

"Charming," Monet deadpans. "The Fray should record a cover version."

In the end, it doesn't matter whether this line comes across as a tribute or an insult. What's more important is that the boys from Denver have entered the Marvel universe. Too bad they weren't given any superpowers... -- Michael Roberts

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