The Fray on the (inside) cover of Rolling Stone

How's that old Dr. Hook song go? ... wanna see my picture on the cover ... wanna buy five copies for my mother ... wanna see my smilin' face ... on the cover of the Rollin' Stone... Well, it's not exactly the cover and their record company most likely paid handsomely for the exposure (unless Rhapsody and VH1 picked up the tab), but the boys from the Fray have their mugs prominently plastered in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (the one with George Bush looking all contrite on the cover). A full-page ad on the inside cover offers to send one lucky "superfan" and a guest to see the band live in New York City. Granted, it's not editorially related or anything, and Rolling Stone doesn't really have even a smidgen of the cachet that it once did, but who would've thought at the beginning of this decade that a Denver band would get such prominent exposure -- or that we'd all be kind of used to that sort of thing at this point?

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