The Fray treats fan in San Jose to an unexpected pizza party/performance in her living room

Update (2/7/12): Isaac Slade and Joe King give a track-by-track breakdown of Scars & Stories, the Fray's new album.

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Remember that scene in La Bamba when Richie Valens shows up at a fan's house with a bunch of pizzas for private pizza party. More than two decades after that event played out on the silver screen, that scene was played out in real life, only instead of Lou Diamond Phillips showing up with Brylcreemed hair, a fan in San Jose, California, was treated to a pizza party and private show of her own, courtesy of the Fray, her favorite band. And the whole thing apparently started with a Tweet.

@TheFray why is your Bay Area trip on 11/02 cancelled? :(

The hardcore fan in question is a student college student from San Jose named Rheshell, and the timing of her Tweet was fortuitous, not just because she won the guys favor by alerting them to a canceled gig, but because a couple months earlier, guitarist Joe King had proposed the idea of the band doing some last minute, flash mob sort of grass roots things with their hardcore fans. Needless to say, right place, right time for Rhesell. To her absolute shock, the band reached out with an offer of playing a private show in her living room. The only stipulation: Capacity was limited to however many people could fit in her living room. So Rheshell phoned up all her relatives and started planning a party.

@TheFray was trying to win tix to make my dream of seeing & possibly meeting you guys.. http://t.co/Pa19AO2V
Oct 27 via web Favorite Retweet Reply

"We set up this show in her living room," Slade recalls. "We pulled up, brought a bunch of equipment, and pizzas. We played for, like, a half an hour. It was so much fun, man. And then we had pizza with them, and they brought a bunch of food from Costco. They had like sub sandwiches and chips. Then we sat in the backyard and hung out. We were there for a couple of hours, and played some music for them. It was really meaningful.

"It was so rad, man," Slade adds. "It was like a reminder of why we do music. And I don't say that cheaply. You know, you when get into promo land, you kind of forget. It was the last radio thing of 45 radio performances we did in 21 days. It was insane. We got in and everybody was kind of cranky and over it, and we got in and everything just evaporated, and we all remembered why we're doing this. It was powerful."

Feeling was evidently mutual.

@TheFray just made me the happiest person on the planet. enough said. ♥ ♥ ♥
Nov 03 via web Favorite Retweet Reply

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