The Grizzly Rock's ten rowdiest rock fists

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Lakewood's Grizzly Rock is no stranger to a spectacle. Although it celebrated its grand opening only last month, the venue has welcomed both mainstream and nostalgic rock acts to its tiger-striped stage as it continues to hone both its glory and volume levels. Grizzly Rose owner Scott Durland launched the sister venue to cater to tribute acts such as Blonde Day (Blondie) and No Duh (No Doubt) and '80s icons such as Warrant, Skid Row and Cinderella. This past weekend, photographer Eric Gruneisen was on hand for Hairball (quite literally, a primped and teased tribute to the glory days) to chronicle the heights of Denver's hair and the squeeze of its Spandex. Page down for the ten best rock fists -- and additional photos from the show.

10. The group fist 9. The smoker fist 8. The commitment fist

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7. The face-frame fist 6. The metal fist 5. The bro fist 4. The purist fist

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3. The crouching tiger, hidden fist 2. The friends forever fist 1. The old-fashioned fist Click through for more photos of the Hairball.

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