It's often been said that being in a band is just like being in a relationship, that sometimes your bandmates know you better than your significant other. We decided to put this notion to the test by asking a select band member a series of personal questions (easy, tiger, nothing salacious), and then pose the exact same queries to his or her main squeeze and then one of his or her bandmates to see who offers up the most correct answers. This week: Nathaniel Rateliff from Born in the Flood, his bassist, Joseph Pope III, and his lady, Jules.

Bandmate versus Soulmate...and go!

1. What was your first concert? Nathaniel: "Probably something really silly like Petra or Phil Driscoll." Joseph: It probably involved a christian rock band like Petra. [+] Jules: Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton... Heh-heh. I don't know. [--]

2. What's your favorite record? Nathaniel: The Band - the Band, Leonard Cohen - Live Songs Joseph:Probably Leonard Cohen's Songs From a Room [+] Jules: Bright Back Morning Light or Bob Dylan. It's one of those. [--]

3. Who's your favorite (musical) artist? Nathaniel: The Band or Leonard Cohen Joseph:That's a tough one, could be Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen [+]* Jules: The Band. [+]

4. What's your favorite song right now? Nathaniel: "You Know Who I Am" by Leonard Cohen -- the live version. Joseph: It's by Arcade Fire, but I don't know the name of it.. [--] Jules: Probably one of Joey's songs...probably "Expatriate." [--]

5. What's your least favorite song? Nathaniel: Anything by Journey Joseph: "The Load Out" by Jackson Browne [--] Jules: He hates all that American Idol stuff or super folky music. [--]

Bonus Question:

6. If you could join any band, which would it be? Nathaniel: The Beatles Joseph: Bright Black Morning Light [--] Jules: The Beatles [+]

Tally: It's a tie, points wise. Each question was worth 20 points, and Joseph answered three questions correctly (or partially correct*, so we gave him half credit), while Jules answered two correctly earning 40 points.

Verdict: Joseph's score is respectable. As is Jules's. It's safe to say that they'll all live happily ever after.

The Mating Game: Born in the Flood's Nathaniel Rateliff

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.