The mysterious reappearance of John Baxter

Ahimsa. Evidently, it's a "Sanskrit term meaning to do no harm." It's also the way that one Mr. John Baxter used to end all of his written exchanges. In the past few days, that word and Mr. Baxter have mysteriously reappeared, both here and on various other local blogs -- after unceremoniously becoming a face on a milk carton a little less than a year ago. Shortly after last year's Westword Music Showcase awards, with no warning, dude just vaporized. We're told he had an informal farewell party at the Larimer. Our invite must've gotten lost in the mail. And all anyone knew or would tell us after the fact was that Baxter -- then a talent buyer at Old Curtis St. and the mastermind of How Sad I am Today Productions and a Best of Denver winner -- moved to Hawaii. Well, as we suspected from his post mentioned above ("Looking forward to being back in the muck of it all..."), we've got it on good word that dude will be moving back to the Mile High this week. Welcome back, Mr. Baxter. Ahimsa.

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