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The Nine Best Rock Bars in Denver

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Three Kings is a fine place to hang out during the day: there will be a few rockers drinking while playing pool or chatting by the pinball machines. At night it gets lively, with a wide selection of loud shows ranging from punk to metal to classic rock and even burlesque.

Eck's Saloon may be located in a Lakewood strip mall, but it is anything but ordinary. It's got a powerful sound system, perfect for live shows. The drinks are strong and the crowd is loud.

Toad Tavern is a small Littleton bar that packs a mean rock punch. It gets crowded, and loud. What was once a quaint suburban bar is now a full-fledged music venue, as the space was expanded to almost 5,000 square feet and filled with new furnishings, refinished surfaces, raised ceilings and a stage that's been beefed up considerably from its postage-stamp-sized predecessor, which could fit no more than four people. The new stage can easily accommodate a ten-piece act or more, and professional-quality sound and lighting are also now in place.

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