The ten best Christian metal bands of all time

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Impending Doom From Riverside, California, this death metalcore group formed in 2005. The band plays a self-described type of extreme metal known as 'Gorship,' which allows them to express themselves with brutal music, while at the same time honoring its shared Christian faith. The outfit features vocalist Brook Reeves, Guitarists Manny Contreras and Eric Correa, along with drummer Brandon Trahan and bassist David Sittig. Impending Doom has four full-length records and has already has success touring, already appearing on the Warped Tour in 2012, and sharing the stages with bands like Bleeding Through, Winds of Plague, All Shall Perish, Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Chelsea Grinn, and many others. With the act's last two albums, 2012's Baptized in Filth and 2013's Death Will Reign, Impending Doom will surely take its blend of death metal, metalcore and apocalyptic biblical themes to as many fans as possible.

Extol Another metal band formed in Norway, Extol is known for defying the subgenres of metal by combining thrash metal, progressive death metal, and even ambient black metal. The band has sold over half a million albums worldwide, and has toured Europe and North America several times, over the years with such acts as Mastodon, Opeth and God Forbid, among many others. Extol is known for the technicality of musicianship and virtuoso style playing that has intensified on each subsequent release. Check out the 2000 album Undeceived, as well as 2003's Synergy for slabs of metal that is slightly tinged with elements of progressive rock and even hints of jazz, but is clearly founded on a heavy dose of old school thrash and death metal bands such as Atheist, Death and Pestilence.

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