The ten best concerts this week: October 15-19

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4. DEFTONES @ FILLMORE | FRI, 10/19/12 When the Deftones came storming on the scene in the mid '90s, they were initially filed in with the much maligned, so-called nu-metal scene. A broad, all encompassing term applied any acts that blended disparate elements into their brand of metal, nu metal proved to be an albatross for the band, as it inevitably became a pejorative metonym for the sort contemptuous mook-rock being made by knuckle-dragging dipshits like Limp Bizkit. Although there certainly were other elements present in the band's fusion, they were organic and reflective of the band's collective sensibilities - Stephen Carpenter's unbridled love of metal, and Chino Moreno's pronounced proclivity for Brit rock, synth-pop and shoegaze -- rather than some contrived, calculating hybrid. Fact is, the Deftones were always a cut above their supposed contemporaries, which is precisely why they're still a going concern nearly two decades later.

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