The ten best movies featuring rappers

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8. Friday (Ice Cube) Underappreciated due in large part to the terrible sequels made in its name, Friday is a movie with heart, romance and most of all humor. Ice Cube, as Craig, is the focus and star of this film, and he doesn't flounder, though it is Chris Tucker who steals the show, turning in one of his most hilarious and genuine roles as the loveable stoner, Smokey. The majority of the film consists of Craig and Smokey dicking around on a Friday after Craig gets fired (on his day off, no less), but the film does turn serious, and when it does, it doesn't disappoint.

7. New Jack City (Ice-T) Before Ice-T was a detective on television, he was a detective in New Jack City -- yeah, the same guy who helped invent gangsta rap and penned the infamous "Cop Killer." Funny how things work that way. This 1991 Scarface re-imagination focuses on an inner-city crack dealer played by Wesley Snipes, and though the story has been told before, director Mario Van Peebles (who also plays Sergeant Stone) infuses the film with his own dramatic old-school flair.

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Noah Hubbell