The ten best pioneering metal frontmen

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10. Dave Mustaine The founder and only consistent member of Megadeth, Mustaine has been the driving force of one of the big four of thrash for nearly thirty years. His distinctive vocals sound like he could rip your throat right from your neck. With long, fiery red hair similar to that of a headstrong Ghost Rider barreling through the night on his motorcycle, Mustaine has a raucous poise as a guitarist on stage.

9. Marilyn Manson Dressed like a dominatrix from hell, Marilyn Manson elevated the idea of evil in the '90s with his shock rock style, and he's sparked controversy many times over. The writer of socially conscious and witty lyrics, Mr. Manson, with his haunting vocals, is an undeniably dominating presence both on stage and off.

8. Axl Rose Axl Rose, the notoriously moody and controlling lead vocalist for Guns N' Roses, couldn't stand that Slash outshone him, just as he couldn't stand that James Hetfield snatched more attention than him after pyrotechnics gave him third-degree burns when the band toured in 1992. Rose's vocals can't get any more idiosyncratic, just as his hair can't get anymore ginger. His prickly vocal range can reach half a dozen octaves when his falsetto is considered a part of his vocal six-shooter.

7. Phil Anselmo With vocal cords steeped in the rotting swamps of New Orleans, Phil Anselmo can scream/screech longer and louder than a banshee itself. Anselmo has led not only Pantera, but Superjoint Ritual, Down and he's currently at the helm of a new band, Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals. In between songs, Anselmo is known for preaching to his crowd about being a part of the heavy metal family and the importance of going apeshit when they rip into a new song.

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