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The ten best places to sing karaoke in Denver

While there are a countless number of places to do karaoke around town, we've singled out the ten best spots in town to indulge your inner song bird. Some of these places cater to singers every night of the week, while others only do karaoke on specific nights. Some of these spots made the list last year, but we've also updated it and added a few more. Keep reading to see the ten best places to sing karaoke in Denver.

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10. Local 46 4586 Tennyson St. For decades, the Music Bar was haven for karaoke, but it closed near the end of 2011. But fear not, Local 46, which now inhabits the space, is keeping a lively karaoke tradition alive on Thursdays as part of its weekly entertainment that also includes an open stage on Mondays and live music on the weekends.

9. Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill 8260 Northfield Blvd While there have been a few bars that have tried hosting karaoke nights with live bands, Toby Keith's Tuesday night U Rock live band karaoke is one of the ones that's lasted. Others have never seemed to have lasted that long. It can be fun as hell singing along with a live band, and here the lyrics for all the songs are timed out to the music and shown on dual screens for you to follow along just like if you're doing regular karaoke.

8. Park Centre Lounge & Grille 12011 N. Pecos Street With an exhaustive catalog of 50,000 songs, a professional surround sound system and karaoke seven nights a week, starting at 8 p.m., Park Centre take its karaoke seriously. While most places have books and forms to fill out, everything is digital here; all you have to do is tell the DJ your name and what song you want to sing when you're up. There's also a computer to browse through songs and even listen to them before they get on the mike.

7. Charlie Brown's Bar & Grill 980 Grant Street The cheap booze flows here from morning until night, and you can keep your pipes primed during the five-times-a-week piano sing-along. That way, when the karaoke starts at 9:30 p.m. on Sundays, you'll be ready to join in with the rest of the appreciative audience, encouraging every intoxicated rendition of "Ice Ice Baby."

6. El Charrito 2100 Larimer Street While El Charrito has been one of downtown's classic dives since it opened five decades ago, the spot made a comeback a few years ago with new owners. Sure, it's a great bar for cheap drinks, but it's also one of the few places you'll find karaoke on the weekends in the Ballpark Neighborhood. Friday and Saturday nights usually start off fairly tame, but by 11 p.m. or so, the place is jumping. Tickers that run on the bottom of the screens let you know when you're up.

5. Ogden Street South 103 South Ogden Street Resting comfortably in the Wash Park neighborhood for over three decades, Ogden Street South is best recognized for its epic weekend karaoke extravaganzas. Cheap drinks lubricate the Friday and Saturday night sing-alongs, and the carpeted watering hole's beer-sign-littered walls give the place a distinctive, college-bar feel.

4. Rear Inn Lounge 4991 W. 80th Ave. Westminster The Rear Inn is hidden away in the backside of the building (thus the moniker), and it sports an elevated stage, an overhead screen displaying the words from your choice of thousands of songs and an enthusiastic audience of friendly, easygoing neighborhood regulars.

3. Star Bar 2137 Larimer Street One of Denver's oldest bars, the Star Bar was one of downtown's classic dives for decades, but when new owners took over the place, the bar got a much-needed overhaul. With that facelift came a new crowd as well as weekly entertainment, including karaoke a couple of times a week, which usually draws lively and sizeable crowds. Star Bar is a prime spot for karaoke in LoDo.

2. 3 Kings Tavern 60 South Broadway While Mark Star (aka Mark Armijo) has established himself as one of Denver's wildest karaoke hosts with various nights around town, his karaoke night at 3 Kings might make you feel the most like a rockstar, as the music venue is already equipped with a stage and lighting. And even if you don't come to sing, watching Mark channel punk rock energy into the songs and be a madman with the microphone is nearly a show in itself.

1. Armida's 840 Lincoln Street When it opened some twenty years ago, Armida's hosted karaoke one night a week. But the Mexican restaurant soon focused in on the entertainment option, and for years it's been one of the few spots in town to host karaoke seven nights a week. It's also grown into one of the most popular venues for people to strut their stuff -- so much so that it recently opened another karaoke room on the weekends and upgraded the main floor.

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