The ten best smoking sections at Denver's music venues

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Club Vinyl One of the most frequented establishments in Denver, Vinyl not only offers the side stairwells as a smoking area, but the third floor room top serves up a skyline view of the city that is relaxing enough. So if you have bottle service or are just dropping in for a particular DJ of the week, sit on the third floor so you can smoke and enjoy the view. They also just added hookah service as well. Exdo The building is huge, serving multiple purposes and events but always makes for a entertaining smoking section. Different chairs, lights and set-ups arise, especially in the summer when a myriad of diverse events are booked, like the current run of the Inkmonster Pool Parties where the beach serves as great place to enjoy the sun and smoke. Living Room Sit by the fireplace and kick up your feet while taking a smoke break at Living Room. The cushioned wicker couches serve as a cozy spot to hang out on a warm summer night. The wine selection and ambiance are warm and word is if you order a scotch or whiskey flight you get a free draft beer.
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