The ten best thrash-metal bands

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10. Sepultura Before changing its sound with Roots in 1996 and influencing an era of nu-metal, Sepultura had deeper roots in thrash metal, starting in the mid-'80s in Brazil with little to no English. Beneath the Remains, from 1989, is a classic thrash-metal album, showing the world Sepulura's newfound rise into metal musicianship. Along with bands like Kreator, Sepultura helped make thrash metal a worldwide concern before becoming a lifelong professional ass-kicker with intense metal.

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9. Overkill In a genre in which aggression can sideline a band for some time, Overkill can blow its horn as the most resolute and prolific of thrash-metal bands, with a skyscraper discography of sixteen albums -- more than Megadeth's fourteen. Overkill should have been bumped into the metal spotlight in the '80s due to its quality songwriting and its fast-and-loose approach to thrash. With three decades in the bag, there are no signs of letting up for Overkill.

8. Kreator What do Germany and the U.S. have in common? Ja -- zee thrash metal. Our friends on the Rhine have produced a mosh pit full of cream-of-the-crop thrash-metal bands, including Kreator. The band has created songs with ludicrously fast tempos while still keeping it technical. It helped cram the '80s with some thrash essentials such as Extreme Aggression and Pleasure to Kill. After an experimental phase in the '90s, Kreator is still charging into the future with merciless force.

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