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The ten most memorable people, places and moments of the jam-band scene in 2013

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10. Perpetual Groove's indefinite hiatus Longtime Georgian jam-band favorite Perpetual Groove announced an indefinite hiatus this year; guitarist Brock Butler stated that he needed to work on developing better touring and life habits. The band performed its last show together to a bittersweet audience at the Georgia Theatre on April 5, followed by Butler embarking on a solo project while the rest of the band performed under the name Ghost Owl.

9. Rain delays Rain is always going to be a threat in late summer, and this summer was no different. Torrential downpours and flooding showed up many times this year, causing Phish to cancel and evacuate night one of their Chicago run, as well as reschedule its Toronto date. At Summer Camp, many had to camp in their cars due to flooded campgrounds, while freezing rain poured down on them and cut shows short. Even Red Rocks, a venue that is used to going on with the show in the pouring rain, had to delay a few shows because of terrible weather, even canceling and rescheduling Lotus due to flooding.

8. Dave Matthews hitches a ride Dave Matthews fan Emily Kraus got the surprise of her life when she was heading to the show at Hersheypark and stopped to help a stranded cyclist on the side of the road. Lo and behold, it was Dave himself. Evidently, he had popped a tire on a pre-show ride and forgotten his cell phone. Krauss popped the bike up onto her bike rack and got him to the show on time. In return, she got front-row seats, an invite back stage, and props from Dave during the show. Always be a Good Samaritan.

7. Umphrey's McGee's headphones This year while on tour with STS9, Umphrey's McGee offered the option to listen to the show via headphones and an in-ear monitor hooked into the soundboard in their "Headphones and Snowcone" campaign. Audiophiles excitedly ponied up $50 plus a deposit to listen to the music at its audibly pristine best. Hopefully the idea catches on with more bands.

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