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The ten most memorable people, places and moments of the jam-band scene in 2013

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6. Justin Bieber and Phish continued to overlap in pop culture Justin Bieber's musical director, Dan Kanter, was loud and proud of his Phish fandom, even bringing the Biebs to Dick's this past Labor Day weekend. Not only did Kanter continue teasing Phish songs during shows, he snuck "Sand" in Bieber's SNL performance. Moving even one step closer to the dream, he got to play with John Fishman and Mike Gordon at Second City after the first night of the Phish Chicago run was evacuated.

5. Bob Weir collapsed on stage The audience at the Port Chester, New York Furthur show got an unpleasant surprise this year when Bob Weir slowly began to collapse on stage. A chair was brought out for a bit, but Weir exited the stage once the jam ended. The band continued on, Lesh stating that Weir had strained his shoulder in a workout, and Kadlecik verifying the injury and adding that he accidentally took an Ambien rather than a pain pill. Whatever the problem, Weir quickly bounced back, but not before reminding his fans that this train will not go on forever and to appreciate every moment we have.

4. "Widespread Paaaanic" Sometimes it only takes two words said just the right way to become an Internet legend. A local news channel was reporting on the cleanup after the Lockn' festival in Virginia, when a festival-goer who was still on the grounds walked through the background and stole the show by just saying "Widespread Panic" in a thick Southern accent. The Internet immediately erupted with love and laughter for the guy, and now it's how we read the band's name every time.

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