The ten shittiest post-grunge bands

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6. Bush Bush stepped out from across the pond in England and invaded American airwaves within months of the fall of grunge. The first big post-grunge band to swoop in and dramatically change the image of grunge, Bush swooned all the ladies with a dreamy frontman who looked like that one dick from high school. With each progressive album, Edward Scissorhands couldn't have trimmed bigger chunks of their sound with any more precision than their already minimalistic guitar and lyrics with random phrasings of nonsense.

5. Live Okay, technically these doofuses emerged during the grunge era, but Live didn't really take flight until after. By then it had honed its already empty sound with lyrics that were trying to be poetic, but came off as an over-dramatization. The band's songs were like pseudo pop poetry that was too generic for a poetry café, yet too weird for mainstream. Live was just another in the wave of acts that labels tried to cash in hoping it would be the next Nirvana, not aware that they had already strangled the essence of grunge.

4. Puddle of Mudd Still an existing band, it's surprising Puddle of Mudd hasn't completely dried up by now with its regurgitated soup of absolutely shittiness. This band rolled in with an even more watered down post-grunge sound than most but it was just in time to sell albums like the rest of them. The name is fitting: Mudd backwards is about what you'd expect from a band signed to Fred Durst's label.

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Adam Steininger