The twenty smoothest Grateful Dead transitions

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15. "Victim or the Crime" > "Foolish Heart" RFK Stadium, Washington, DC, 7/12/90

Released on View From the Vault, Vol. 2, this ripping version of "Victim or the Crime" segues into "Foolish Heart," with Garcia shifting the key and repeating the guitar riff, and the drums quickly fall into place quickly. The song goes on to an extended jam and then transitions into "Dark Star" to a roar of applause. The transition into "Foolish Heart" begins around 15:40.

14. "Dancing in the Street" > "Wharf Rat" Shrine Auditorium - Los Angeles, California, 10/14/76

The jam out of this high energy but loose "Dancing in the Street" is charging and fun, and then it's brought down to drums and Jerry tapping the twinkly melody of "Wharf Rat" to life, with the tempo raising at the end to sandwich the song nicely, ending back into "Dancing in the Street".

13. "Help on the Way" > "Slipknot!" > "Fire on the Mountain" Boston Garden - Boston, Massachusetts, 9/20/91

The usual "Help">"Slip">"Franklin's" gets an unexpected surprise here, as the band flows into "Fire on the Mountain" instead, and the crowd goes nuts in response.

12. "I Need a Miracle" > "Shakedown Street" Springfield Civic Center - Springfield, Massachusetts, 1/15/79

A great way to open the second set, this transition into "Shakedown Street" is completely unexpected, and it comes in as Garcia plays down the scale and then back up. Phil and the drummers suddenly shift the tempo, following his lead without missing a respective beat.

11. "Estimated Prophet" > "St. Stephen" Winterland Arena, San Francisco, 6/9/77

This psychedelic, drippy version of "Estimated Prophet" melts into "St. Stephen," with Garcia tossing in the guitar melody, and the band quickly joining in on a slower tempo version.

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