The Uncertain Sea is certain about purple

Purple: Perhaps the least popular color in the Crayola box next to taupe and coral. Save for fans of Prince, the Minnesota Vikings, the Fluid and Grimace, it's not exactly the most enticing color in the world. Amazingly, however, the Uncertain Sea has combined purple with a sort of sea green to create something palatable. Plus, it's long and sleek -- and boy do we love long fliers.

We don't know what it is about the long flier, but we're really into the handbills that break the staid 11x17-ish portrait formula. That said, this one works great for that very reason, especially considering there are five bands on the bill and a picture of a Cyclops detective wearing some type of food tie.

There are a few details here that are easy to miss on first glance, namely that this is an EP release and SXSW sendoff for the Uncertain Sea, as well as a fundraiser and, wait -- what? -- bake sale? Yes, bake sale. Bring your nickel jar.

As far as rock is concerned, you might not get a good gist of what to expect by glancing at this purpleness. Maybe you'd expect some type of old-lady-at-the-mall band. You'd be wrong in that expectation, but probably pleasantly surprised by the rock and roll you'd encounter upon arriving at the Meadowlark in your purple-pea-coat and jogging sweats. That rock will certainly lift you up and carry you far beyond the foyer of reality and into the minds eye of the detective food tie up at the top. See, it all makes sense when you put it together as a whole.

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Thorin Klosowski
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