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Think you kick ass at Rock Band? Bet this Cephalic Carnage song would kick YOUR ass.

"crazy fast difficult hardest custom song ever on drums cephalic carnage death metal guitar hero rock band fun double bass." Those are the tags listed on YouTube in association with the custom drum chart for this Cephalic Carnage song, "Divination & Volition." But those same words could just as well be applied to the guitar parts -- well, except for that whole death metal (it's more grind, yes?), double bass and drum bit.

It's hard to say what's more impressive: The fact that whoever is playing this is not just keeping up but hitting all the right buttons that correspond with the notes (we'd have a hard time with it in slo-mo, paused frame by frame), or how this person's head did not explode (smoke was pouring out of our ears just watching the flippin' thing). Same song played by actual guitar-wielding (mind-blowing) humans after the jump. Cephalic Carnage indeed.

Bonus: "Vaporized" video

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