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This is what a writing class with Thurston Moore is like: A look at his notes from Naropa

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On the morning of July 4, twelve of us wandered into an auditorium for a class with the innocuous title of "In Silver Rain With a Paper Key." Nobody, myself included, had any idea what to expect from this. We knew Thurston Moore the Rocker, but nobody really had an idea who Thurston Moore the writer was -- or if he actually existed. It turns out, he has a poetry journal he runs off his record label called Ecstatic Peace, and in a slightly overrun, rambling, three-hour introduction, he revealed that when he initially moved to New York in the '70s, it was not to make music, but rather to be a writer.

It's no surprise that Moore came out on the first day in the defensive position. He was teaching a class full of MFA students who had worked with a wide variety of writers over the years, and who, like myself, mostly took the class because, well, why not?. During his three-hour diatribe, he talked about his history with writing, the poets and authors he'd read over the years, who, by loose proxy or direct contact, influenced Sonic Youth. He was, for the most part, running on autopilot, reciting excerpts from Our Band Could Be Your Life. Then day one was over.

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