This Thursday morning: Dom and Jane's Warm & Fuzzy Christmas show on Mix 100

Bells will be ringing, this sad sad sad news/Oh what a Christmas to have the blues/My baby's gone/I have no friends, to wish me greetings once again... Every year at this time, for as long as I can remember -- hell, probably since I first heard the tune when I toiled as "holiday help" at Musicland at the Northglenn Mall back in high school -- "Please Come Home for Christmas" gets embedded in my head and I can't shake it. It's permanently become associated with jolly old Saint Fatty and his holiday. (Curse you, Don Henley.) For that reason, I purposely avoid stations where it seems like I'd have even the remotest of chances of hearing the dang thing. This Thursday, though, I'll be happily tempting fate when I tune in to Mix 100 for Dom and Jane's annual Warm & Fuzzy Christmas show.

And if you dig local music (which we're assuming you do, since you're reading this blog and all), you should, too. Each year, the two drive-time personalities set aside their normal programming for the day in favor of having a cast of local minstrels in the studio to perform Christmas tunes. This year's lineup includes Savage Henry, Wendy Woo, Melanie Susaras, the Autumn Film, Roe, Dan Craig and Jessica Sonner. Thursday's show, which will be taped and rebroadcast at various times throughout Christmas, will be followed by a special edition of the Acoustic Circus at the Toad Tavern featuring Wendy Woo, the Autumn Film, Melanie Susaras and Quillion. Now, that's a Christmas event worth coming home for, um, baby. (Hip tip: Jessica Sonner has a freshly recorded Christmas song posted on her MySpace page. Smart money is that she'll be performing that number on the show.) -- Dave Herrera

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