Tickle Me Pink Soldiers On with Former Brotherhood of Dae Han Guitarist

The members of Tickle Me Pink have announced plans to soldier on in the wake of bassist Johnny Schou's death. The band has enlisted longtime friend and former Brotherhood of Dae Han guitarist, Joey Barba, to fill Schou's slot, and will resume its tour this Friday in San Diego.

The decision to tap the furiously talented guitarist makes absolute sense. Prior to joining the group, Barba's former outfit frequently shared bills with Pink, and coincidently, the band he left Brotherhood to pursue this past January was reportedly linked to Wind-up. That project never ended up getting off the ground, and Barba was most recently working on another project in California when he got the call. Having covered Brotherhood extensively last year, it's safe to say that Barba will make a stellar addition to Pink's lineup. -- Dave Herrera

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