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Time Capsule reels: Decibel Garden Studios agrees to serve as custodians of the master tapes

Great news regarding the Time Capsule tapes we wrote about a few weeks ago: We're happy to report that all of the reels were able to be salvaged and have since been entrusted into the care of the folks at Decibel Garden Studios, who have graciously agreed to serve as custodians of the tapes, which are now being stored securely and catalogued as we speak.

Judging from the overwhelming number of responses we received, it's going to be a monumental task reuniting these tapes with their owners. To make that process easier, the studio has created a page on its site where the full inventory (some 550 tapes at last count) will be posted on Wednesday, June 1, along with detailed instructions on how each act can go about retrieving their tapes. Word from the studio is that they will be setting aside an entire weekend in late June or early July in which folks can stop and pick up their reels at no charge.

A happy ending to a bittersweet tale. While it's still unclear if there's any music on the tapes -- and it's obviously disheartening to hear that Time Capsule closed -- we're glad that a piece of Denver's music history has been saved from the dumpster. Click through for some pics of some the fliers hanging up and the graffiti scrawled on the walls of Time Capsule, left behind by the scads of bands that recorded there over the years.

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Dave Herrera
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