Tired of pretending you know how to use your recording gear?

You know how they say everybody's a DJ these days? Based on the number of self-produced recordings we receive each week, the same can be said of recording engineers, too. These days, it seems, everybody also has a recording studio, thanks to the proliferation of cheap recording gear. Problem is, we can also tell you, from experience, that only about a quarter of those folks know how to actually operate their equipment. Good news for them (and for us, ultimately): Helmet Room mastermind, Randall Frazier, is once again offering a Basic Audio Production course at Colorado Free University. The classes, which begin on September 2 (and again on October 7) take place on Wednesdays in three, two-hour blocks at the Southwest campus on Hampden and Sante Fe. Cost is $84 for members ($94 for non-members), plus $20 in materials. Trust us: It's money well spent. As those who've heard Frazier's handiwork on records by his band the Orbit Service and Bela Karoli, among others, can tell you, the guy knows his way around a recording studio.

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