Tonight at La Rumba: I fought the law and the law won

All right, better be careful what we say about this one, lest we get sued by one of these litigious bastards. Tonight at La Rumba five bands -- with criminally underwhelming monikers as the Hip Replacements, the Propane Daisies, Togad, Not Mona Lisa and the Downtown Girls -- made up of entirely of lawyers will be competing against one another in a battle of um, well, attorney bands. (Gives new meaning to the term entertainment attorney, eh?) Anyhow, while we generally loathe the whole battle of the bands notion and there's nothing particularly novel about attorneys moonlighting as musicians in Denver (um, hello, Everything Absent or Distorted and Jim McTurnan and the Kids Who Killed the Man), we can't rightly remember any acts composed entirely of counselors. That in mind, this should be interesting, if for no other reason than to see how persuasive the lawyer dudes can be when it comes to influencing the, er, judges. Not to mention, the whole gig is for charity with proceeds benefitting the Children's Outreach Project. Tickets are $35 bucks at the door. Lawyer up, amigos.

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