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Tonight: Boonie's Solution at the Rex Lounge

Back in June, you might remember us mentioning how Boonie Mayfield's studio had been burglarized and how he had lost most of his equipment. When we caught up with the seemingly always upbeat producer, one of our favorites, to discuss the robbery, he was, well, dependably upbeat. Heartened by the support of folks who rallied behind him, Boonie said he was trying to replace the things that were lost while continuing to move forward. This evening, the DJ Low Key and DJ Sounds Supreme are hosting a special fundraiser for Boon Doc at the Rex Lounge (2936 S Fox Street). Fittingly titled Boonie's Solution, the night will also feature Xperiment, who claimed the second slot at this year's Red Bull Big Tune regional battle right behind Boon, and serve as a combination celebration of his recent addition to Humble Beast imprint, as well as a going away party for the producer, who's picking up stakes and heading to Portland.

And if that's not enough reason to seek out the Solution tonight, DJ Dozen, who will also be on hand, is celebrating his birthday.

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Dave Herrera
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