Tow(ver) the weekend: Do Not Park in the bank parking lot on S. Broadway and Archer!

Here's a little public service announcement for you, just a quick heads-up in case you're blissfully unaware: As tempting as it may be, do not -- we repeat DO NOT -- park in the bank parking lot on S. Broadway and W. Archer (directly across from 3 Kings Tavern). Doing so, it seems, will absoultely kill your buzz. You will be towed.

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You know that whole bit about all good things coming to an end? Uh-huh. We believe this is precisely the sort of thing they were talking about. The days of free and plentiful parking on South Broadway have, evidently, gone the way of the pager. Over the weekend, twenty or so unlucky souls, including our own Tom Murphy, had their cars towed. Murphy reports that the ordeal took an hour and a half to resolve.

Although in the past, officals at the bank, which owns the parking lot, graciously allowed folks to park in the lot. This past summer, for whatever reason -- and despite the dilligent clean-up and policing efforts of neighboring business owners, such as the guys from 3 Kings -- bank honchos said no mas and commenced to uncerimoniously towing all offenders. Word has it that it's only a matter of time before the surrounding Baker neighborhood becomes permit parking only, ala the residential area surrounding the Bluebird.

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