Two-disc deluxe edition of Fray's self-titled album due next month

Gotta love record companies, especially the majors. What moxie, eh? Even in the midst of steadily declining record sales, that get progressively worse each year, and despite the fact that we're smack dab in a recession with record unemployment, they're still trying to squeeze every penny out of us with these deluxe editions. Hoping to entice us to repurchase music we already own, they ply us with rarities, outtakes and alternate takes. How about giving that to us in the first place? While we're no experts, it seems the secret to turning this whole thing around is so simple a third grader would understand. It begins with quality control, only putting out music that's timeless, and then front loading the first edition with as much value as possible. If this became the new paradigm, we're convinced that the music industry would be revitalized. Too bad nobody's listening. In the meantime, here's another deluxe edition for you to buy, just in time for Christmas. On Tuesday, November 10, Epic Records is releasing a two-disc deluxe edition of the Fray's self-titled sophomore effort, featuring live tracks and outtakes (natch), "Heartless," the Kayne West cover, and "Be the One," the song written as a Valentine's Day challenge issued by Q Magazine. See the full track listing after the jump.

1. Syndicate
2. Absolute
3. You Found Me
4. Say When
5. Never Say Never
6. Where The Story Ends
7. Enough For Now
8. Ungodly Hour
 9. We Build Then We Break
10. Happiness

1. Heartless (first time on CD)
2. Never Say Never - Live with the London Quartet (previously unreleased)
3. You Found Me - Live with the London Quartet (previously unreleased)
4. Where the Story Ends - Piano Version
5. Fair Fight - Live (previously unreleased)
6. Be The One - New Song Demo (previously unreleased in the US)
7. Uncertainty (first time on CD)
8. How To Save A Life - Live from Webster Hall

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.