Tyler Gilmore leaves Dazzle to focus on composing

Tyler Gilmore, who's been booking shows at Dazzle for the last four and a half years, is leaving the jazz club to focus more on composing for Ninth+Lincoln Orchestra, which he heads up. He's also plans to write for local groups, as well as college and high school jazz programs. Tonight's show with the extraordinary guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel is the last gig he booked, and next month, Gilmore will head to Nebraska for a six-week composer's residency, where he'll work on material for the next Ninth+Lincoln album, which will feature the innovative trumpeter Cuong Vu. During the same week they're in the studio the album, Vu will also perform with the orchestra at Dazzle on December 27 and 28.

"Ranging from hushed atmospheres to raucous electronic improvisation," Gilmore says of the new material, "the performances promise to be innovative and impassioned. Rarely has a pioneering performer such as this joined such a reputable local ensemble, to produce what is sure to be a memorable musical collaboration."

Gilmore says he wanted to push his writing into a new level of quality and into a different direction as well as take Ninth+Lincoln into more of an out there direction. "It's tough because you've only got a little bit of rehearsal and it's like the weirder the music is the harder it gets to learn. I'm trying to spend enough time with this and spend enough time with the guys to sort of get out of our comfort zones more than we usually do."

And you might say Gilmore was a bit out of his comfort zone when originally started booking at Dazzle. He says he went in not knowing much about the music industry and got an incredible crash course in the jazz world works in the four and a half years he worked there. Steve Denny, who's been Gilmore's assistant for the last year and who's also jazz pianist, will be taking over for Gilmore as Dazzle's music manager.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.