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UMS tipsheet: MGB apologizes in advance -- for everything. Kyle Simmons debuts her new Boys tonight.

A couple quick notes about today's UMS lineup -- but first a post-script to the travelogues we've already posted from Jef Otte and Tom Murphy: Heard bits of Papa Bear from the sidewalk outside the Rover, and it was quite lovely. Very eager to hear more. Caught part of the debut set from the Centennial, the Meese brothers' post Meese project, which features Nathan and Patrick and the latter's lovely wife Tiffany on keys. The brand-spanking new act drew a substantial crowd for its 9 p.m. set, which didn't actually end up kicking off until 9:15 or so, due to sound issues.

Only stuck around for a few songs, but the music, driven by Patrick playing electronic drum pads, didn't leave much of a lasting impression. We'll, of course, reserve further judgment until we take in full sets from the act a few more times, but on first blush, the Cenntennial, whose melodies seem to meander a bit, is not quite the pop juggernaut that Meese was. Jonathan & BPro on the other hand, were in absolutely fine form at the Import Warehouse, and got the modest crowd doing the dance of joy.

Enough about last night. There's some nifty stuff on tap for today: If the flier above is indication of things to come, looks like Machine Gun Blues fully intends on delivering the mayhem we expect (and predicted) in the Weekend Show Down. Also, in case you haven't heard yet, just before MGB sets its phazers to destroy at 11:30 p.m. at 3 Kings Tavern, Murder Pinchers (Dan Wanush of Murder Ranks and his former Warlock Pinchers bandmate Andrew Novick of Get Your Going) are slated to play a little teaser set of Pinchers songs in advance of the band's upcoming reunion dates at the Gothic.

One other show to anticipate this evening, which we just caught wind of last night, is one that will be of particular interest to those who've been following the whole Speakeasy Tiger saga. Kyle Simmons, the outfit's former front woman, who was recently replaced by Katrina Stone, is making her debut with her brand new band, Boys, tonight at the Import Warehouse at 7 p.m.

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