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Under A Blood Red Sky has $75,000 worth of gear stolen last week while on tour in Arizona

As a musician, is there anything worse than having your gear ripped off? Really? I mean, aside from having your best friend sleep with your girl while you're on the road, probably not. Talk about feeling violated. Just the thought of somebody else fondling your cherished instrument -- few things are as maddening. Actually, we can think of something worse. How about having all of your gear heisted in broad daylight, right in front of you, while you look on powerless to stop them?

That's exactly what happened to Billy Bono and his Under a Blood Red Sky bandmates last week in Phoenix. According to Bono, his drummer, Jerry Bousquet, stepped out of the hotel room just in time to see a beatup truck making off with the band's trailer, which contained $75,000 worth of gear.

Bummed but undeterred, the band rented some equipment and soldiered on. The tribute band is now back at home and back to square one, as it were. This Saturday, July 16, Billy and the boys will be playing a free show at the Boulder 29th Street Concert Series. Stop by and tell 'em to keep their heads-up -- oh and be sure to mention that you're praying that a piano falls on the unscrupulous jackasses who gaffled their gear.

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Dave Herrera
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