Unnet delivers dance music info on the go

Venerable Colorado dance music resource Unnet has been going through some changes lately, revamping the site to make it even more of a hub for Colorado's dance music scene. One key addition was the introduction of a mobile-friendly site for all you folks that like to read the 'Nets from your phone. If you point said phone to m.unnet.net, you'll get a listing of pretty much every dance music event in our great state over the next thirty days, in a convenient, clean and uncluttered list format. Then, you can click on the ones that interest you to get the details, all without being slowed down by clunky Flash, images and other slow-loading, useless-on-mobile crap.

And if you somehow aren't already familiar with Unnet, you should check out their full, regular Internet site at www.unnet.net. In addition to those same listings, they also offer a number of forums dedicated to everything from discussion of gear to linking to downloadable, free mixes to general discussion. It's a good way to meet people in the Colorado dance music community and/or waste your employers time while you're stuck at the office.

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