Update: Fucked Up plays free show with Git Some this afternoon at Wax Trax

Psst...hey there...what are you doing for lunch today? Right. Yeah, uh, no, correction: That's what you were doing. Here's what on tap now: Quickly make up some reason to give your boss for why you need to take a later (say around 2 p.m.) and, ahem, longer lunch today, then make your way over to Wax Trax on 13th and Washington. What do you mean, why? Because the one and only Fucked Up is playing a free show, getting down with Git Some and No High Fives to Bullshit. That's why. Uh-huh. Thought that's what you'd say. Have fun, sport! Oh, yeah, and sorry for being all bossy and whatnot. Carry on. Update: According to the peeps over at Wax Trax, Fucked Up apparently hit a snow storm, which has pushed the show back to 2:45 p.m. or later.


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