Update: Hot IQs calling it a day

Update: As if you needed any more incentive to attend this -- we just learned that the Bluebird show, which is all ages and will in essence serve as Hot IQs' farewell show*, is FREE for those who are of legal drinking age. Original post after the jump.

* Hot IQs are also slated to play a BBQ show at the Larimer Lounge on Saturday, August 1, but the set will purportedly be abbreviated and the show is not all ages. Subsequently, the band is treating it as and considers its Friday, June 19, show at the Bluebird its final show. And prior to both of those shows, Hot IQs will also be playing a show in Fort Collins at Hodi's Half Note with Sex Gloves and the Don'ts and Be Carefuls on Friday, May 1.

So earlier this week, we received a rather curious e-mail from the folks at AEG. Towards the bottom of the promoter's weekly onsale update was line touting a Friday, June 19 date at the Bluebird as Hot IQs' last show at the venue. That's it. No explaination. Just a tersely worded line item amongst the other shows being promoted. This, of course, piqued our interest. "The LAST Bluebird show"? What did that mean, exactly? Had the band instituted some sort of weird moratorium on playing shows on that particular section of Colfax? Or had the theater just had enough of the group's incisive wit? Or was this the end? Naw...surely this wasn't the way in which we'd discover that Denver's most affable, sophisticated, intelligent and delightful indie pop band was about to expire? Or was it?

Inquiring minds and all that, we made a quick call to Hot IQs frontman Eli Mishkin, who confirmed our suspicions/fears: The Friday, June 19 date is not only the band's last show at the Bluebird. It's the last show, period*.

"We're all growing up and we're all doing our own thing," says Mishkin. "It's time. We felt like we've outdone our wildest dreams what this band ever hoped to do. So we're all super excited and content, as far as that."

So there you have it. Straight from the horse's mouth. Fortunately for us, Mishkin says he and his bandmates are far from finished making music. "It's too ingrained in our blood," he points out, "to not continue doing it." To that end, Mishkin has begun playing solo shows with just him and an acoustic. Eventually, though, since playing in a rock setting is what he enjoys the most, there's a good chance he'll be plugged in again before long with a new project.

[Orignal post: 17:33:46, 04/09/09]

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