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Update: Lee Ball, RIP

Update: A quick heads-up for those heading out for First Friday festivities this evening in the Sante Fe art district or for friends/fans of Lee Ball that may not have received the word: Tonight at 7 p.m. at the Rebellion, the tattoo shop on 9th and Sante Fe owned by his friends that he joined shortly before passing away last month, there's a show dedicated to Lee that will feature his artwork. Shirts, fine art and prints featuring his designs will be available for purchase. All proceeds from the event will benefit his family. (Original post after the jump.)

It's another bittersweet day in the Mile High City. Although the unseasonably warm weather has everyone's spirits lifted, we received word last night that will undoubtedly make many hearts heavy. Yet another cherished, vibrant member of our community has been taken away at a tragically young age. Lee Ball, a heralded artist in his early 30s, who began tattooing in his teens and whose artwork adorns the flesh of countless folks across this city, passed away yesterday unexpectedly of a suspected heart attack. Ball, a beyond-talented individual who plied his art at Twisted Sol and most recently at Rebellion Tattoo, undeniably made his mark in this town, as anyone who's simply admired his work from afar can tell you. Our thoughts, prayers and deepest condolences go out to Ball's family and friends during this incredibly difficult time.

Update: Given the number of people around town who have Lee's artwork adorning their bodies, a showcase of his handiwork seems in order to both honor him and his talent and to celebrate his life. That said, please feel free to send us any photos you might have, and when we compile enough, we'll put together a slide show.

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