Update: Young Coyotes may or may not be playing their last show next week

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Update: Suspicions partially confirmed. We just heard back from Young Coyotes frontman Zach Tipton, and he shed a little more light on the future of the band. Tipton assures us first and foremost that he and drummer Adam Halferty are still friends and on good terms. Just the same, they have decided to take a "hiatus while we both do what's exciting to us at the moment." For Tipton, that means he's going to focus on I Am the Dot and will be working on some other artsy projects, including some documentaries and soundtracking. He's also planning on doing some traveling and spending some time with his family, all while being, "continuously poor," as he puts it. Halferty, meanwhile, has embarked on a solo project of his own called American Tomhawk, which should be making its debut soon. "This year was crazy and brought unexpected opportunities to both of our plates," says Tipton. "So we're doing what we've always done, which is go with whatever happens naturally. We do have a few songs we never recorded; we might put out another EP, but no one knows for sure."

[Orig. post: 11.16.09, 15:57:53] Just received some rather disheartening news. It seems Young Coyotes, one of the most delightful and promising acts to emerge in the past few years, may be playing its last show next Tuesday -- although it could just be the band's last show for a while. We're not sure which. "Might be our last show. Might be our last show for a while. Come hang out," read the notice we received. We responded immediately with a short, incredulous, "Last show? WTF?" to which we received an equally curt response: "Yes, it's a possibility, sadly."

The optimist in us hopes the latter option turns out to be the case. We fear, however, that it's more likely the former, particularly since all signs seem to be pointing that way. With the outfit's relative inactivity over the past year -- spurred by drummer Adam Halferty's membership in the touring version of 3OH!3 -- the substantial buzz surrounding Young Coyotes has died down significantly, and given frontman Zach Tipton's recent foray into solo territory with his project I Am the Dot, the news doesn't look promising. In the meantime, you might want to make plans to be at the Bluebird next Tuesday night, and if you haven't already pick up both EPs. It will be a monumental shame if this band does end up parting ways. With as big of an impact as it made on the scene almost immediately with its pristine brand of primal pop, Young Coyotes seemed poised for big things. Stay tuned for more hopefully good news.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.