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Vampire Weekend at Red Rocks Amphitheatre - 09.03.10

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"Baby Don't Go" was the only quiet, overtly sentimental and melancholy song of the set, but the band made even that seem gently defiant. Penny's highly emotive facial expressions really gave each song an emotional honesty that's hard to convey in such a large setting.

The music of Beach House is much too intimate for a large outdoor setting. But somehow the band made it work at Red Rocks -- one of the few such places where it's still possible to pull off intimacy despite being among thousands of people. On stage, the band projected solid colors and patterns matching the cover of Teen Dream, its latest effort, on three white pyramidal structures.

Beach House performed as a quartet this time around, which allowed it to explore a far greater range of specialized and improvised sounds than when it performed (and perhaps still performs) as a two-piece. "Chamber of Hearts" drew cheers from people actually familiar with the band.
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